Paul Bertholet


Paul Bertholet's murals are painted in oil or acrylic right on the wall surface,
or on linen or cotton canvas and then installed by a paperhanger.
A custom hand-painted mural is available for the same or less
than Zuber, Gracie, or other imported wallpapers.
Commissioned murals can be painted in classic, romantic, or progressive styles;
installed in both residential and commercial environments.

Hand painted screens can also be designed and made to order on wood or canvas,
and installed as a room divider, decorative background, or hung on a wall.

All of the above can be specifically directed by designer and client
with Paul's beautiful interpretations.
Call 804-519-5011 or e-mail paul for rates and information.

Extensive work in Richmond, VA Windsor Farms home, designed by William Lawrence Bottomley.
Includes 10+ panel, contemporary Chinoiserie mural on linen, for foyer & free-standing staircase.

(in studio)

2x6 ft. each, acrylic on gold leaf on linen screen paintings, 16th Century Japanese Momoyama style,
Richmond, VA dining room.

Acrylic on linen, Japanese garden mural, for Richmond, VA dining room, overall dimension 5x48 ft.

Japanese garden mural - north wall.

Japanese garden mural - detail.

Japanese garden mural - detail.

Japanese garden mural - detail.

Japanese garden mural - west wall.

Oil on linen, 19th century pre-war James River mural for Richmond, VA dining room, overall dimension 5x48ft.

River Mural - West Wall.

River Mural - North Wall.



6x8 ft., oil on canvas, Art Deco murals, in studio.

Art Deco murals installed in N.VA. foyer.

22 ft. diameter, acrylic mural directly on dome,
in N.VA. library.

18x22 ft., acrylic on muslin, sky ceiling mural,
for Richmond, VA home.


8x28 ft., acrylic on canvas, rainforest mural for Bermuda home.


6x12 ft., acrylic on canvas mural, Richmond, VA coffee shop.

8x11 ft., oil on canvas mural, for Tidewater, VA home.

Trompe l'oeil bookcases in Bermuda home.

6x22 ft., acrylic directly on wall, Italian landscape for game room of Monument Ave. home, Richmond, VA.
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