Paul Bertholet

California Landscapes

Paul Bertholet lived in Venice, CA
before the gentrification of recent years,
allowing him access to the back alleys and forgotten streets
that held many of the automotive and architectural gems now gone.
He captures that era in this series of plein air paintings.

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Cadillac Collection/18x24

Venice Boardwalk/16x20

Walt's Rambler/sold

Old Chevy/14x18

'51 Chevy Truck/14x18

'53 Merc on Oakwood/16x20

41 Ford#2/sold

'59 Caddy/16x20

Topanga Ford/16x20

Abode of Venice Matt/11x14

Superba Ave/16x20

Demetri's Garden/20x24

Scrap Truck/11x14

Shade Tree Mechanic/16x20

Matt's Mobile Storage/16x20

Mr.Johnson's Trucks #3/16x20

Palms on Palms/11x14

Rialto Corner/16x20

Santa Ana Winds/11x14

Altair Palms/16x20

Cross Country Rambler/16x20

Ford Pickup/14x18

Twisted Junipers/14x18

Marco Place/11x14

Marco Place/16x20

Point Dume Sunset/14x18

Mr. Johnsons Trucks/16x20
© Copyright 2006-2012 Paul Bertholet